Mount Tom

Welcome To Mount Tom.  All through my developmental years and even for a long time prior, Mount Tom in Holyoke MA was a local place for people to go. Mount Tom was the home to a local ski area as well as an amusement park, Mountain Park. As a child I recall going to Mountain Park probably 2-3 times with my family. We would mostly go to Riverside Park in Agawam MA but on occasion we would go to the smaller, less crowded Mountain Park. The amusement park, which opened in 1895 as the end of a trolley line closed in 1987. Then around 1977 while in junior high school I took up skiing and spent a better part of my teenage years and early 20’s skiing there on Friday nights and an occasional weekend afternoon in the winter. It was at about this time that Mt Tom opened their alpine slide and later on a water park.

Always White Day Or Night.  This is the sign that once on the access road to the parking area welcomed you to Mount Tom. “Always White, Day or Night” was their slogan for the ski area. Just beyond this sign was the entrance to the parking area for the amusement park.

All That Remains.  Most of the buildings at Mountain Park are now long gone. This building, was the 100+ year old carousel house which was destroyed by a fire in 2002. Besides the all steel and concrete pavilion this was one of the last few standing buildings. All that remains now is twisted metal.

Burnt Timber …..and burnt out beams. The lighter colored beams is where the fire burnt at it’s hottest temperatures. I remember the Holyoke Fire Department responding to this fire sometime in 2002.

The Pavilion.  This is the last remaining building of the old Mountain Park. It is a pavilion where they had picnic tables and the like and you could sit and each your lunch or dinner or snack that you bought at one of the stands.

Party Remnants.  Over the last several years with the closing of the ski area a lot of the local teens have spent many hours having beer parties and bonfires on Mount Tom. The local police blame the youth in the impoverished city for the damage to the left over buildings and the brush and building fires that have brought the fire department up there many times over the years.

Ski Shop.  The is the side of the ski shop that you saw as you exited the parking area on the way to get your lift tickets.

Mount Tom Lodge. The building in the background is a portion of the ski lodge at Mount Tom. In the foreground is the pool that was part of the waterpark. There are signs on the lodge that say “Future Home of the Holyoke Boys and Girls Club”. The signs look fairly new but the lodge and the area in general will need a lot of work to be useable on a regular basis once again.

Ticket Booth.  This is the old ticket booth where you bought your lift tickets upon entry to Mount Tom.

Group Sales And General Office.  The portion of the building to the right is the former group sales office and general office for Mount Tom. The part of the building to the left is the far side of the ski shop.

Ski Instructors Building.  A Professional Ski Instructors of America sticker holds together the broken window in the ski instructors building. This is where the instructors gathered to get their assignments for the many lessons that were given at Mount Tom.

Ski Lift Building.  The building that the lift operators used for the Beginners Slope and the Lower Tom and Upper Tom T-Bar lifts.

Lift Sign.  An old and badly faded lift sign on the side of the lift building for the Beginners Slope and the Lower Tom and Upper Tom ski runs. It reads “This Lift Services Easier Terrain.”.

Lower Tom and Upper Tom.  Looking from the access road through an opening in the fence over the lift operators building and up the Lower Tom and Upper Tom ski runs. In the photo to the left you can see some of the old concrete pylons that supported the poles that the J-Bar and then the double chair lift operated on. In the late 80’s and early all the J-Bars were replaced with double chair lifts.

Ski Lift Ramps.  The old dual ski lift ramps at the bottom of the main lift. You used to stand on these to give you a bit of elevation for the lift pick up to take you to the summit of the mountain. The ski area had 17 trails 60% of wich were intermediate level, 30% beginner level and 10% advanced level.

Lower Vista. This is looking up the Lower Vista trail from the base of the old ski lift to the mountains summit. This was considered the main trail as most of the other trails connected to it and it had the double lift.

Water Park Building.  This building was part of the Summer Slide at Mount Tom Water Park. To the right of the building was a water slide.

No Tresspassing.  Unfortunately to see Mount Tom and Mountain Park you have to go “exploring” i.e. tresspassing. Here my unidentified exploring companion (i.e. fellow tresspasser)takes a peak over the fence near one of the many no tresspassing signs. It was a beautiful spring Saturday afternoon and we were just one of several car fulls of people out enjoying the mountain.

Ski Rental Shop.  This is the door you entered to go return your ski’s, boots and poles to the rental shop. It was one of the busiest rental shops around as most weeknights local schools ski clubs introduced many of the area’s youngsters to the joys of alpine skiing.

Thank You …Come Again. The last sign you saw as you exited Mount Tom and worked your way back home. The Mount Tom Ski area operated from about 1960 to 1998 and then sold most of its lifts and snow making equipment off to other ski slopes in the area. The water park also closed that year as well after Riverside Park (now Six Flags New England) in Agawam MA opened a 12.5 million dollar water park.

I shot all these in April 2004.  Currently these photos are not available for re-print.

This appeared on on November 11, 2013.  Many old signs from Mt. Tom were sold at weekend auction.



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52 responses to “Mount Tom

  1. Just a great photo essay. I remember going to the park as child and skiing there and even doing the alpine slide. I never went to the water park as it wasn’t my thing but I had some great times there and met some great girls when I was in HS.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yeah Mt. Tom was a great time and it’s kind of sad that today’s generation won’t get to experience all that it had. It’s just another example of the small businessman being forced out.

  3. Mark

    Wow. Thanks so much for this. I started skiing at Ski Sundown in CT in 1976, but once we discovered Mt. Tom, I always wanted to go there. I loved this whole place, not just the ski area, but the amusement park, alpine slide, and water park in the summer. To this day, I vividly remember shooting down the Alpine Slide and rocketing around the curves. About halfway down, there was about a 4-foot drop, followed by a radical turn afterwards. Awesome! These simple black and white photos speak to me so loudly, and it’s so amazing to think that all this happened more than half a lifetime ago. I can’t thank you enough.

  4. Mark thanks for the comments. As I said in the piece I used to ski there, do the slide and the AP it was a great place and it’s funny how as a child/teen you don’t really realize that until it’s gone.

  5. Kevin O'Connor

    Planing a trip back up from my Orlando home to my true home. I miss the air, the snow, the friends and mostly the family. I ran away south and have only been back a couple times since ’80. I’m heartbroken that I can’t show my finacee a trip down the “Alpine”. I hope some of the memories will still be there. Six pence in the mall, united skates of america, that great bar overlooking the cliff in downtown chicopee. Tell the people of chicpoee that I- Kevin O’Connor- am coming home. Rick Clarke, Boz, Sandy, Karen, Kenny and the rest of you… rest your livers. The dates not set but will be soon. I love you.

  6. I dont think six pence is there any longer and I don’t know about the bar but USA still is I drove by it Sunday afternoon.

  7. Brian S

    Six Pence is not there anymore, as that whole mall was torn down in circa 2000. It is now a Super Walmart on the south side of the lot, a Home Depot on the North side and a Small strip mall on the East side, where the old WOrld Famous Kielbasa Festival was held.

  8. Jennifer

    My name is Jennifer Manley, I absolutely love your photos of Mt. Tom. My boyfriend spent the majority of his childhood at Mt. Tom skiing and hiking. I have heard so many great stories all starting with “When I was at Mt. Tom…” His parents still live in Holyoke right behind Mt. Tom and hike with their dogs everyday. I particularly like the first two photos on the site of the Mt. Tom sign atop the gate and the next one with the skiing sign. I was wondering how much it would cost to obtain copies of both of the prints. I wanted to frame them for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift. Please let me know, any help would be greatly appreciated! I can be reached at 339 927 2277. Thanks, Jen

  9. Great history of Mt. Tom and Moutain Park! It is so sad they closed. I used to go to Mt. Park as a kid. I remember the carosel and sky ride most. I had been to Mt. Tom once to go on the Alpine slide but chickened out when I found out I had to go on the ski lift. I am afraid of heights.

    Out of the blue one day a few weeks ago I thought about Moutain park and Mt. Tom and wondered about them. A few days later I was in the book store and they had a book on Mt. Park in the local section. I looked it over. Later I came online and looked them up. I came across your site. Last night I was flipping through channels and on PBS they had a special on what else? Mt. Park’s history. I was surprised! I just love antiques, old bulidings, signs, books etc. I love all the pictures of Mt. Tom’s bulidings and signs! Thank you for sharing your work.

  10. gerry crowley

    it is a shame to see mt. tom in the condition it is in. i worked at mt tom for 8 years in the 80s. very fond memories of my days there and the people i encounter while working there. the best job i ever had, enjoyed every minute. fond memories of jimmy o’connell, dave moore, larry cabot, kenny widelo, hienze, don turgeon and the members of the ski patrol and countless others i worked with and met at mt. tom. it brings tears to my eyes thinking of the times i had there.

    • steve

      I was feeling nostalgic and found this site. I grew up on that mountain from 5 years old in 1970, to the day they closed. Worked there in the summer and on the patrol in the winter. Some really good time and really great people.
      Steve D

    • Steve S

      Hey Gerry,

      I just stumbled across this site looking for info on Mt. Tom to share with my daughter. Pretty sure i remember you, i worked as a cook in the tavern with Bill and Paul K. What are you doing now?

      • I don’t appear to be the person you are thinking of.

      • gerry crowley

        not the Kane brothers? yes i remember the two of you. i retired from the ct. department of correction in oct. after almost 21 years as an officer. i worked for a few year with pete newell then he transferred to a different prison. i moved out of holyoke in 2000 and live in vernon ct. i talk to pete newell almost everyday, we both are on facebook. we talk alot about our days at mt tom. it was a great time and a great place to work. i am sorry to see it end up the way it did. but once jimmy joe passed away it was destin to close. hope everything is well with you and your brother.

  11. Art

    Thanks so much for this. I knew the place closed and meant to drive in during my occasional trips to Springfield but never seem to have the time. I used to ski there in the late 1970s and early 1980s. I didn’t realize how great a little place it was until I left. It’s a shame kids in the Springfield area won’t be able to enjoy it like I did.

  12. Lisa

    Hey cool photos. I started at Mt. Tom when I was 3 ski raced all through high school. Then off to St. Mikes in Vt. to race there and after that to UTAH. This never could have happened without Mt. Tom.

  13. BK

    I have seen other websites w/ various comments on the “Alpine Slide” @ Mt. Tom and some are not accurate. As a kid and well into my Teen years I rode the Alpine Slide ALOT OF TIMES, I still have the old “Wrist Bands” they would issue for all day riding. The Two Slides/Tracks were the same and there was a “Small Drop” section of the track, That if not carefull, You & your Sled could become “AIRBORNE” !!!
    I have many scars from the A.S. as a result of wearing shorts and T-shirts early on. I soon wised up and started wearing Jeans and Long Sleeved shirts and yet still somehow managed to wreck many pairs of Jeans & Shirts w/ “Burn Marks” from the Track, I was allways “racing as Fast as I could. One year, maybe 1986, 87, I “Flipped Up & Over” and landed back on the Track “BREAKING MY FOOT”, only not Knowing it till I had gotten to the Bottom of the Mountain and not being able to walk!!!!!!!! At the top of the Mountain I would try to get the Best Sled possible & would allways Spin the wheels to check to see how well they worked! The “Control Stick” on the sled was: Forward/Push= GO….. Pull Back= Brake/slow down, which in my case I hardly ever used the brake. I would allways try to wait a Few extra minutes before going down the slide in hopes that I wouldnt catch up w/ some “SLOWPOKE” , I wanted SPEEEEEEED!!!!! Those are my memories of The “Alpine Slide” @ Mt. Tom in Holyoke, MA
    I would like to Know where the “AlpineSlide” went; Who Purchased it, There are many Ski areas in VT. & NH w/ “Alpine Slides”, some longer than others, and some “Charging way too much to Ride!!!

  14. brian

    The park sorrounding Mt. Tom (knwon as Mountain park) has been turned into a performance space.

  15. JT

    I keep thinking of Mt. Tom as I live here in Easthampton. I remember coming home on 291(I think that’s what it is)from my grandparents house and being able to see the mountain off in the distance. It was so cool to see it at night, lit up and with a haze. I always said “they’re running the snow guns again”. Also, a year or two ago I was in Hurricane Harbor(Six Flags New England’s water park)and one of the buildings had a small sign over the entry way that said “Welcome to the Island Kingdom”. I guess a few Aquatics Team Members worked there while it was Riverside and kept the sign. We need the ski area back! Holyoke Mall sucks, and when our park(Six Flags)is closed, there really isn’t anything to do.

  16. Susan

    It’s sad to see these photos. I learned how to ski at Mt. Tom. My father I were ski instructors and my brother Steve was on the ski team.

    Great memories…too bad it had to close


  17. Eddie Rad

    I first remember seeing Mt Tom lit up from Rt 91 (not 291 JT) as a kid and wondering what it was. My parents never skied and had no money for that rich man’s sport. Then when I graduated high school my buddies and I tried hiking up to Mt Tom from the backside at the Reservation and seeing the top of the ski area the first time as a teenager in the 70’s. I was a cross country skier back then so downhill was new to me. Then one night my buddies and I decided let’s go skiing at Mt Tom! So me George and Paul drove up with a six pack or two of beer of course (drinking age was 18 then) got to Mt Tom rented some ski’s and with no lesson got on the chair lift and up we went! We had a blast! Picked it up no problem. Well we went there numerous times and later one of my friends bought a lifetime pass to Mt Tom! Only problem was he outlived the Mountain! I wonder if he still has his pass I bet that’s a collector Item!

    It was a great Mountain to learn on and many years later did numerous trips to VT and out the Utah and Colorado for numerous ski trips. We also did the Alpine slide many times up there racing my buddies down the mountain (with a little skin left behind too!) Well got married finally and had two daughters born in 88 and 91 and they had a brief chance to learn to ski at Mt Tom before it closed in 98. Once they got to high school and both were on the Ski team and their practices and meets had to get moved to Berkshire East. They are great skiers too now 19 and 22 and in college. I wish I had some photo’s to share and will have to look at my trunk full of pics and see if I have any from up there.
    I now live in South Hadley and see Mt Tom in all it’s glory every time we drive up Alvord St with my wife and new little guy who was born in 2006. I often wonder if we will ever see her lit up again and open for skiing! That would be great!

    Well for now when I get my 4 year old to try skiing next year it won’t be Mt Tom!
    Thanks for the great memories Mt Tom! I’m hoping for your comeback someday! Hey Mountain Park is getting opened up again as a music venue so I hold out hope!

  18. Bob

    I grew up in Worcester attending high school in the 60′. Some friends and I would come here to go skiing a few times each year. Our parents would drive us about an hour out the Mass Pike to get there. They liked to come here because they didn’t ski and the lodge was big and they could watch out the big windows. It was a welcome change to have T bars and a chair lift instead of the rope tows we had near Worcester. We always had a great time skiing here and watching the lift attendants riding their shovels down the slopes at the end of their shifts.

    I also visited near-by Mountain Park in the summer. Some of the rides were brought to Whalom Park after the amusement park closed. My wife also has memories of visiting the amusement park with her family.

    Thanks for the memories

  19. DS

    When I think of Mt. Tom and Mountain Park, I think of a much simpler time in life when we didn’t need cellphones, the internet, video games or computers to have a great time. All you needed was your family members and friends, a good pair of skis and an adventurous spirit. Riding the “Moutain Flyer” coaster was all the thrill a 13 year old kid needed. Before the fear of lawsuits, conservative policies/procedures and the “over protection” of society….a kid could hop on an Alpine Slide back in 1985 and let it rip. If you crashed you crashed. If you lost some skin…so be it. It grew back. You got up, dusted yourself off and went back up to do it again with a huge smile. It did not make the evening news with a live report. I have great memories of that slide. I also remember hopping in the car with my fellow teenage high school buddies from CT and driving up to Mt. Tom on winter break to do some skiing and jumping which was frowned upon back in the late 80’s. We would find or make jumps and then practice and perfect all of the daffies, twisters, spreads and heli’s that were popular back in the day. Also got some warnings from the ski patrol! What great times and memories and what a great place to spend quality time with those you cared about the most. Times are much different now and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

  20. Colleen :)

    I learned how to ski at Mt. Tom when I was 3, and had a season pass there growing up. I spent 4+ days/nights a week up there. I agree, life was much better then without all the technology and lawsuits. I wish Mt. Tom would open up again. I think it would be good for kids today to get outside……

  21. gerry crowley

    i just return from a hike through mt. tom ski area. as i stood at the base of lower t-bar slope and looked up. my mind wandered to the many years i groomed that slope before the area opened. through out my hike up the mountain my mind again wandered and became filled with memories of the years i worked there, the people i worked with and the many people i have met. i remembered the “oldtimers group” that gathered in the lodge everyday for coffee before the area opened. they were ski buddies and usually the first ones to go up the mountain and ski down. i worked there for 8 years in the 80’s. now as i am getting close to retiring after 20 years with the ct. dept of correction i still think about when i worked at mt. tom.

    • Ruth Hurlbut

      My dad Ken Hurlbut was one of the “old-timers”. His passion was skiing and he enjoyed it well into his late 70’s. He was also a ski instructor for a few years. His best friend Eddie Wonsek carved the giant totem pole that was in the lodge. Sadly they have both passed away, but I do have many wonderful memories skiing there with my dad. What a shame that it did not stay open.

      • gerry crowley

        it is a shame to see mt. tom in the condition it is in. i worked at mt tom for 8 years in the 80s. very fond memories of my days there and the people i encounter while working there. the best job i ever had, enjoyed every minute. fond memories of jimmy o’connell, dave moore, larry cabot, kenny widelo, hienze, don turgeon and the members of the ski patrol and countless others i worked with and met at mt. tom. it brings tears to my eyes thinking of the times i had there.

  22. Denis Dearborn

    Very nice reminder of how entertainment was back when I was a young buck myself. I remember the days my mom would take me to the Park because at the time it was only “I beleive” $4.50 during the early 80’s. I enjoyed going there on the weekends and then the Alpine Slide became an addiction to me and my friends from Easthampton. What was nice was that you had a choice back then and even though Riverside park had more, if you worked a paper route, you could have the money to get a group of friends and their parents to drop you off to have a good time. The history indeed is wonderful and shows how Holyoke was once a beautiful city to live in. I’ve seen pictures from one of my X girlfriends father who grew up on Newton Street in the 50’s and how gorgeous all the brick built apartments were and even the old brick road that currently sits behind the Holyoke Court. Your pictures bring back some wonderful memories and your article on how you seen Mt. Tom really opens up the mindto the raod down memory lane. I’m only 36 but at the same time I beleive history is so important that it is often overlooked and forgotten. It’s article and pictures like yours that remind us that history can have such a powerful effect and not only can it be fun to sit my children down at the computer to show them where daddy used to go to have fun, but being able to read them a story showing someone elses memories of the same place is also a nice touch.

    • Thanks for the compliments on the photo essay of Mt. Tom. I’m not much older than you and have similar memories, which when I worte this I figured others would have but I’m always amazed at the amount of comments and views this piece of my works draws.

  23. Don

    Your story and pictures bring back great memories.I started skiing there when I was 12 years old and skied there until I moved away in my early 20’s.I used to go there every Friday night with my buds. As far as Mt. Park goes, I worked there one summer during High School, “black”Saturdays were the worst. I’ll never forget the last turn on the Rolercoaster-if you sat on the outside seat the other person(hopefully your girlfriend) would get slammed into you.
    Thank you once again for setting up this site.

  24. Thanks for the pics. I wonder how it looks these days. Did the Boys & Girls Club ever set up there? Spent so many days skiing here as a kid and in high school – brings back the memories.

  25. Doug Hudson

    A poignant collection. I didn’t know that the place had closed, so it is shocking to see how it has run down. Your photos really capture that decay.
    I have very happy memories of the occasion I visited during the summer of 1987. The water park was good fun, but the Alpine Slide was the best!

  26. Lauren

    Great photos! Do you know if these buildings still exist? I just did some trespassing of my own today and couldn’t find anything.

  27. gerry crowley

    the ski patrol bldg was burn down, most of the lift shacks are gone they have been destroyed over the years. i beleive the ski school, rental shop and ski shop are still intact as well as the lodge. i worke there for many years and it was hard to see the place close.

  28. Karen

    Great photos. My husband and I moved here in 2004 and have never known the original Mt Tom, but have enjoyed hiking around the area and wondering what it looked like. It was a treat to read all of the stories from everyone who had been able to enjoy Mt. Tom. I would like to ask about the cost of getting a print of your first and last photo in this photo essay.
    Thank you,

  29. Erin Matthews

    Your web site is definately worthy of a bookmark, thank you!

  30. J.G.

    I remember heading up to mt. tom with my family when i was about 8 years old and i still have the wonderful picture memories in my mind of the water park. we weren’t skiers so i never got to experience the slopes, and definitely not the alpine slide which sounds really cool! i saw a picture further up this page that showed the old stairs which would lead you up to the water slides, and i remember waiting in line with my sister to go down one and a little boy started having a temper tantrum and attacked me and was grabbing my stomach so hard it knocked the wind out of me, and me and my sister said he couldn’t tell mom and dad what happened up there, for some reason we were really afraid after that and stayed down near the wave pool. i’m so glad to have stumbled upon this site today, but was not aware of mt. tom’s closing till more recently. i wish i could go back and relive mt. tom, or have it opened back up in my generation because i’m 24 years old now, and have always wanted to go back, i fondly remember what i think was my only visit there. my parents grew up in western ma, but they raised me in central ma. we have lots of family in western, ma and i remember one time there was a bomb scare at the holyoke mall, and my uncle had a dental office in hoyoke near the ymca up until about a year ago. thanks again for creating this site and if anyone has any pics please post them up!

    • J.G.

      and one other thing i wanted to add, i remember my dad getting beers in a clear plastic cup with that exact mt. tom logo on it in teal color tetters, and one of those mushroom things in the water park area that had constant water flowing out the top, and the big brown stairs had that fake green grass carpet stuff!!

  31. Kris

    wow – these photos bring back memories! Thank you so much for posting them. We used to go to the water park and alpine slide in the early-mid 80’s and had so much fun. I was trying to explain the alpine slide to my son the other day. How you could go so fast you actually left the track going over one of the drops. I do remember flipping the sled and sliding down the track on my side with my stepdaughter on my hip, but the wave pool made the scrapes feel much better!


    i was at the mountain the day it opened,,, and i skied till about 1975 ,,,then all my friends pretty much quit skiing,,,,my best years were at MT.TOM,, the meaning that MT.TOM holds to me will always be in my heart,,,to this day ,,i still go for walks up there,,, and when i close my eyes ,, i see the lights all lit for night skiing ,,and i see myself losing my season pass for a week for jumping,,,,lol,,met my high school sweetheart there,,,, so many memories ,,so many good times,,,,,to this day ( 2011 ),when i go for a walk up the mountain,,,, i feel 16 again,,,, waxing my skis,,, when i see from my house the snow guns opening the season ,, i knew skiing was close and another 4 months of my life will be spent at the MT.TOM SKI AREA……

  33. Bob

    Nice job on this post, thanks for the trip down memory lane. The times have changed as has the location but the memories made on Mt. Tom live on.

  34. Jimi Hopewell

    Very nice, looking at the pix of the Upper & Lower Tom, I could remember what it felt like to ski those great little hills day and especially night – The Waterfall used to look scary as a kid – I think it had a few feet of near vertical drop;-)

    I always had a seasons pass in the late 60’s and early 70’s – I would shoot up and catch a few runs in between classes @ HCC (the original building) – good stuff – thanks for the memories…

  35. Ronald D Hamelin

    Hi , My name is Bubba, I worked there 12 years, from 1986 to closing 1998 . I started working on night lifts , then summers on the alpine slide , I finnished my time there as night lift supervisor. I really miss the place, It was the greatest part time job. The last time I turned off the lights I did not think It would be forever. I miss mostly all my former employees . Im always looking up when Im out and about in Chicopee. Any way, great but very sad pictures !

  36. Brian

    Dropkick Murphy’s August 16th! Mountain Park! Its growing and will be back for more memories, I believe.

  37. I put up some new information on Mt. Tom it’s listed in a link at bottom of the article/photos.

  38. Nina Grey

    Hi! Thanks for this amazing reflection on Mount Tom and it’s history. I worked at the ski area from 1973 to 1979 as the office manager. I worked closely with Dave “Cleo” Moore and knew Jimmy Joe O’Connell really well. Only reading this did I find out that Jimmy Joe had died although I knew that the ski area had closed. Does anyone reading this know what has happened to Dave Moore? I remember that the ski area gave free season passes to clergy and eventually I became a minister and skied a couple of times when I visited Mount Tom. I haven’t been back since probably the mid-1980s. Again thanks so much for this historical reflection and the photos.

  39. josephgiza

    Where did the photos go???

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