Breaking News: Two Photographers Shot in Indy

The purpose of this blog is to share my photography with you not provide you with news or anything else but this just struck too close to home when I saw it this morning. 

As someone who has shot my fair share of fire’s and car accident’s I understand what a dangerous proposition it can be when you are at an emergency scene.  There are many things you have to look for and look out for while you try to document what’s going on. 

Early this morning in Indianapolis IN two local news photographers were shot and one firefighter was shot at while operating on the scene of a fire in a vacant house in the 800 block of North Tacoma Avenue. 

A videographer from Indianapolis TV station WISH was struck in the back and a freelance photographer was struck in the arm, while yet another bullet grazed a firefighter’s air pack.  Both photographers were taken to a nearby hospital.  WISH-TV reports the videographer was treated and released, there was no information on the freelance photographer.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police are stepping up patrols of the area and questioning witnesses and local residents in an effort to find the shooter.  In an email to IMPD staff Police Chief Michael Spears wrote:

“I cannot imagine what would motivate an individual or individuals to shoot at a firefighter performing his duty to help and protect others or a photographer working to produce images for the public.  The firefighters face enough hazards in their duties.”


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One response to “Breaking News: Two Photographers Shot in Indy

  1. Perhaps it was arson and the shooter the arsonist. In any event, its a sad fact that innocent people are shot at on a daily basis. Whether they are firemen, photographers, bystanders or children. I believe emergency responders probably get shot at more than the typical random act of violence.

    That’s why I stay underwater and take pictures of sharks. They don’t have guns.

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