I Am, I Am, I Am Superman

On Saturday July 26th I was out running errands it was a nice day and I was driving through the north end of Springfield and I saw this guy just walking down the street. So I turned around and hunted him down over near the hospital on Dwight Street.

I wonder what Superman would carry in a box?



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4 responses to “I Am, I Am, I Am Superman

  1. Ian

    That’s freaking hysterical.

  2. Yea I was a little stunned when I saw him like that. I was thinking damn we’re still three months or so from Halloween. I made sure he didn’t see me shooting his photo because you never know how (un)stable a guy in a Superman shirt and cape is.

    The top photo is a little soft because I was trying to drive and shoot out the window with my little point and shoot camera I carry. I would have prefered to have gotten my good gear out of the trunk but sometimes you go with what ya got.

  3. brien renaud

    That’s funny you see all types in the city. Was there any sign of Batman and/or Robin?

  4. No but I heard Lois Lane was awaiting his arrival with the box.

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