RSS Feeds

I just wanted to remind the visitors to “Depth of Field” that we have RSS feeds for the posts. So make sure you put it in your reader.  It’s in the META section on the right side of the page. 

If you don’t know what an RSS Feed is the best way to describe it is it tells you when there has been activity on the blog and you can click the link and go to the new post.  It’s great if you have a certain photo interest, like covered bridges.  You can tell from the description in the RSS reader if the post has a photo of a bridge.

Internet Explorer as well as Google and Yahoo have RSS readers.  A simple search will tell you more about it then I could ever explain to you here. 

I use RSS feeds for most of the blogs I read that way I don’t have to keep checking the site for new posts I can see when they’ve added something by just looking at my reader.


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