Chowing Down

Tim “Eater X” Janas, is all smiles as he raises his trophy for winning the Connecticut Hot Dog Eating Contest on Saturday May 21, 2005. Next to him is Mike Priscoe, the General Manager of Nathan’s Famous in East Hartford.

Tim “Eater X” Janus downs one of his 22 1/2 hot dogs on his way to the Connecticut Hot Dog eating championship at Nathan’s in East Hartford on Saturday May 21, 2005 and a spot in the 2005 Nathan’s Famous 4th of July contest at Coney Island.

Alan Goldstein of Long Island NY takes a brief pause on his way to eating 18 1/2 hot dogs in 12 minutes. Goldstein finished second in the Connecticut Hot Dog eating Contest at Nathan Famous in East Hartford. Something tells me by the look on his face those hot dogs didn’t come out as easy as they went down.

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2 responses to “Chowing Down

  1. mark

    That’s a bit much that poor dude looks like he’s gonna hurl bits.

  2. I was surprised he held it all in. I don’t think it was a pleasant experience which ever way and end it left his body.

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