Somerville Pond and Falls

This is the pond in Somersville CT that runs over the falls.  It’s a great local spot for row boats, canoes and fishing.



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2 responses to “Somerville Pond and Falls

  1. Scott

    I grew up in that area and remember fishing there. It still looks very much the same. is the old mill across the street still standing? if so did they ever renovate it? I know they had all sorts of plans but I haven’t been back in years.

  2. The old mill is stil standing they did do some stuff to it, mostly some new windows but I think they ran out of money or couldnt get anyone interested in the occupancy. It’s still vacant and most of the new windows that were put in 10 years or so ago are broken now.

    In fact with a quick search I found this from June of this year.

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