Hurting Hunter

Watching the Los Angeles Angels outfielder Torii Hunter hurt his knee the other night during the ALDS game when he jumped up protesting an out call reminded me that Hunter had hurt his left ankle in Fenway Park back in 2005 when he was with the Minnesota Twins.  I have the actual photos of him tearing it up on the outfield wall while trying to make a Spiderman-like catch on a blast by David Ortiz when his spikes caught in the padding on the bullpen wall.


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One response to “Hurting Hunter

  1. I love the reaction of the fans to the ball in the fist photo. The two fatties, the woman is trying to hide and her “better half” is smiling because he think he is on TV and the RemDawg might see him.

    Then in the next shot he’s telling anyone who will listen he missed it by that much. While the two senior citizens are try to tell Torii he needs one of those Life Alert thingy’s just for moments like this. While Jacque Jones is still trying to figure out why Hunter is laying on the track.

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