The Hotel Vendome Memorial

On June 17, 1972 at 17:28 hours part of the HotelVendome in Boston MA collapsed without warning after firefighters had fought a four alarm fire in the building that came in at 14:35 hours.  The collapse trapped 17 jakes beneath the two stories of rubble.  Eight would be rescued; nine would lose their lives in the line of duty.

They were:

  • Fire Fighter Thomas W. Beckwith
  • Fire Fighter Joseph E. Boucher
  • Lieutenant Thomas J. Carroll
  • Fire Fighter Charles E. Dolan
  • Lieutenant John E. Hanbury, Jr.
  • Fire Fighter John E. Jameson
  • Fire Fighter Richard B. Magee
  • Fire Fighter Paul J. Murphy
  • Fire Fighter Joseph P. Saniuk

District Fire Chief John Vahey wrote a comprehensive report on the Vendome fire. Although the cause of the original fire was not known, the subsequent collapse was attributed to the failure of an overloaded seven-inch steel column whose support had been weakened when a new duct had been cut beneath it, exacerbated by the extra weight of water used to fight the fire on the upper floors.

25 years later this memorial was dedicated to those men.  You face the building when reading the names and the time line of the incident.

Factual information was taken from Wikipedia for this post.


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