Never Forget 9/11 Part III

Two visitors to a FDNY E4/L7  look at the roster from 9/11 and the cards, letters and flowers sent by well wishers. They lost 4 members. Hard to believe it was ten years ago today.

At FDNY Engine 3/Ladder 12/Battalion 7 a memorial outside the station honoring the 5 members who lost their lives in the WTC collapse.

At FDNY Engine 1/Ladder 24. The memorial that includes Father Mychal Judge whose church is across the street, and items sent from all over the country to the FDNY. This station lost 3 firefighters plus Father Mike.

This was sent at 09:59 10 years to the minute the South Tower collapsed.  The North Tower collapsed at 10:28.

While these photos have been of New York City don’t forget the brave men and women in Washington D.C at the Pentagon that was struck at 09:37 and the brave souls aboard Flight 93 who forced the plane to crash in an open field in Shanksville PA.

Anyone and everyone associated with this tragedy is a true American hero.


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