Never Forget 9/11 Part III

Normally on Friday I run a “Greatest Hits” post, something from the past.  This week I am doing it today, this was originally posted on September 11, 2011 the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our nation.

The text has been edited to reflect the current dates:

Two visitors to a FDNY E4/L7  look at the roster from 9/11 and the cards, letters and flowers sent by well wishers. They lost 4 members. Hard to believe it was eleven years ago today. 

At FDNY Engine 3/Ladder 12/Battalion 7 a memorial outside the station honoring the 5 members who lost their lives in the WTC collapse.

At FDNY Engine 1/Ladder 24. The memorial that includes Father Mychal Judge whose church is across the street, and items sent from all over the country to the FDNY. This station lost 3 firefighters plus Father Mike.

This was sent at 09:59 10 years to the minute the South Tower collapsed.  The North Tower collapsed at 10:28.

While these photos have been of New York City don’t forget the brave men and women in Washington D.C at the Pentagon that was struck at 09:37 and the brave souls aboard Flight 93 who forced the plane to crash in an open field in Shanksville PA.

Anyone and everyone associated with this tragedy is a true American hero.


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