Boston Skyline

This was originally published on July 15, 2008.

With all that has gone on in and around Boston in the last week I wanted to re-publish this shot of the city I love.  I have spent many days and hours there at Red Sox games, vacations, holidays and general visits that Boston has always seemed like a second home to me.

From the Back Bay to Dorchester, Southie to Jamica Plain, Roxbury to the North End, Charlestown to Downtown I love it all as do most of you.

I have many friends in and around the city, I know several firefighters, met many police officers and EMS personnel and every single one of them were great.

I have thought a lot about this city in the last several days, it pains me to see it and it’s residents and those who love it in pain.  But this I know, Boston will bounce back.  It’s one of two cities in the entire World you don’t screw with and in the last decade or so both have seen idiotic attacks on it’s people and visitors.

I’m proud of the people of Boston, the emergency service personnel and all who have helped.  you guys showed the World just what you are all about.


Three years ago on the Fourth of July I was in Boston visiting a friend and he took me to the top of a city garage to shoot the Boston Skyline with the new Big Dig project in the foreground.

This guy is a lifelong city resident and pretty much can get you anywhere in greater Boston without the use of a map. He also knows where the best spots are to shoot things like this and of the course the best places to eat.

I just love city skylines artistically I think find them very appealing with the different shapes, sizes and heights of buildings. This is something I hope to shoot more of in the future.


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